10 Unique Chocolate Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

We all know a chocolate loving fanatic in our lives. It just takes some deep thinking to find the right gift to give them for their birthdays or other special occasions.

Luckily, there are so many gift ideas out there, but narrowing them down is the hard part. Don't worry, though, as we’re here to help out. All you need to do is continue reading! 

10 Unique Chocolate Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

We created this article to give you inspiration for getting a truly special gift for that chocolate lover in your life.

From a chocolate hamper to luxury chocolate hearts, we have so many ideas below. But, we understand that it can be difficult finding a chocolate gift that is unique for a chocolate connoisseur who has tried everything “chocolatey” in their lives.

Maybe you’re looking for a luxurious gift, or something basic. Whatever you need, we hope to solve your chocolate woes today.

Read on to find some exquisite chocolate gifts for chocolate lovers. From monthly subscription boxes to personalized chocolate presents, you will find something for every chocolate lover below.

If you really want to stretch the boat out, why not combine two gifts? Then you can be sure that the gift receiver will be in a world of chocolate bliss! 

The Very Best Chocolate Gifts For Chocolate Lovers 

Whether you’re buying chocolate for your partner, parents, colleague, or sibling, if they are true chocolate worshipers, the following gift ideas are certainly going to impress them. 

Let’s get right down to “choccie” business.


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A meal may be finished off in style with chocolate fondue, which is not only a decadent treat but also a simple, speedy pudding option.

This set comes with a couple of fondue forks, a base, three pots (one small, one large, and a tealight).

Therefore, you'll be ready for a post-dinner treat with your special someone. 


Every month, Raaka Chocolate will deliver two brand-new, single Orion, micro-batch candy bars to your chocolate lover's home, alongside a traditional Raaka bar.

Best of all, they can choose what flavors they prefer, such as Sorrel Punch Swirl, Cranberry Oat Crunch, and Gingersnap.

Imagine the delight on your loved one's face when you tell them that chocolate will be delivered to their door every month without fail. Heaven!

Additionally, you rest assured about where the cocoa originated from because the company is all about honest commerce.


The traditional box of chocolates gift may be considered overused by some, but we do not agree.

If someone loves chocolate, a box of chocolates will always be welcome! And, for a chocolate connoisseur, nothing compares to discovering milk chocolate with a truffle or fruity delight.

This creates an ideal  balance between sweet and saltiness. 

 These days, in addition to the well-known and adored traditional brands, such as Cadbury's, there are amazing new variations to try out.

There is a great present for all chocolate loving taste buds.

Vosges Box of Chocolates is a favorite of ours at almachocolate.com. This chocolate box provides a taste of the company's most well-liked varieties.

All of these chocolate gift boxes, baskets, and taster samples, are elegantly attired for any event. It's the chocolate equivalent of dressing to impress!


These truffles are the delectable offspring of chocolate Funfetti cake and chocolate cookies.

But, they come with one heck of a crunch. In each box, there are 12 decadent truffles.

Even with so many, we must wish you luck trying to persuade your chocolate loving friend to share one or two.

As the name suggests, though, this is best for a birthday gift. But, it’s chocolate, after all. Who needs an occasion to eat chocolate? No one! 


Do you know a chocolate loving, science enthusiast? If so, these intricate planet chocolates are the perfect gift.

When you first look at these gorgeous orbs, you’ll not want to bite into them, thanks to their marble-like, intricate designs. But, they are made to be eaten!

Each planet comes with a different chocolate filling and are handcrafted from Delicious Belgian chocolate.

Therefore, you’ll know they’ll taste incredible - some would say “out of this world!” This truly is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover, but if they love astronomy too, there is nothing better to give them.


If you don’t mind spending a bit extra, this chocolate covered delicious treat is an ideal gift for a chocolate enthusiast.

Although quite expensive, you get a lot for your buck with this chocolate set.

Included are chocolate-covered cheerios, chocolate-covered animal crackers, dark chocolate-covered malt balls, dark chocolate-covered graham crackers (caramelized), chocolate-covered peppermint pecans, chocolate-covered quinoa, and a bunch of currants. 

This is for the REAL chocolate lover, who likes to enjoy chocs with just about anything! The packaging from the brand Mouth is also very stylish, coming in a cotton tote bag.

There is also the option of upgrading the chocolate box to a birthday box. This simply adds additional glitter candles and marshmallows to the set. What an amazing gift!


If your friend is contemporary and stylish, then they only deserve the very best. And, one of the very best chocolate gifts is this small-batch organic chocolate library gift box from Food52.

You can choose a box that holds either three or eight Raaka candy bars. Each one is made organically with unroasted cocoa beans.

As soon as you bite into these amazing treats, you will be met with fruity, complex flavors that will blow your mind.

So, best to buy yourself a box, as well as your friend. The flavors included are Maple & Nibs, Cask-Aged Bourbon, Bananas Foster, and Pink Sea Salt. 

And, all of these have varying levels of cacao, from 68% to 82%. Each bar is made by Raaka, based in Brooklyn, and are all free from soy, gluten, and dairy.

You can also opt for subscriptions, if you want your gift to be long-lasting.Raaka also offers subscriptions lasting three months, six months, and one year, all coming with monthly deliveries. 


There aren’t many better chocolate brands than Godiva, and when you buy this milk chocolate dipped strawberry box, you’ll understand why.

Known for their stylish and tasty range of chocolates, Godiva offers this highly elegant strawberry chocolate set.

This box includes chocolate-covered strawberries, which is a change in direction from the brand’s usual, yet highly popular, hazelnut truffles.

You can choose between milk and dark chocolate, or opt for a combination of the two, and there are half a dozen or a dozen in the box, depending on what you’d prefer.

Each chocolate strawberry box comes packaged in Godiva’s famous gold box, and if you need them delivered quickly, Godiva will ship them overnight, so they arrive fresh as soon as possible.


Here’s something a little different and unique from our other gifts today.

This estate summer basket from La Maison du Chocolat may be a little pricier than others on our list, but if you really want to show someone how much you care for them, this basket is the way to go.

Packed with a range of delectable chocolate treats, this basket also comes with a non-alcoholic rosé, straight from the Wölffer Estate Vineyard. Decadent and delicious, these goodies will be enjoyed by any sweet tooth.

From the 16 assorted vegan chocolates to the fruit gift box, this basket can be considered a range of gifts in one.

And, there is even more! It comes with an elegant picnic basket which can be used time and time again. What value for money! 


Just one look at this chocolate pretzel passion gift set from Sugar Plum’s extensive range of chocolates, and you will want to hand over your money immediately!

This assortment of chocolate-drenched pretzels combine sweet and salty for a distinct flavor found nowhere else.

In total, this set comes with 23 pretzels, each with toppings and chocolate covering their saltiness inside.

And, don’t worry if your friend or loved one only likes one type of chocolate. You can choose from dark, milk, and white chocolates, all topped with sprinkles, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and chocolate drizzle.

We think we may “treat” ourselves to this!

In Summary

Buying a chocolate gift for a chocolate lover shouldn’t be difficult. The only hard part is choosing between the many options on the market.

From chocolate boxes to fondue-making machines, you can find something for every chocolate lover out there. You just need to consider your budget. 

We hope our list has inspired you and helped you find the right gift today. 

Thanks for reading and happy chocolate shopping!

Rebecca Holmes