15 Delicious Chocolate Bark Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate bark is one of the easiest chocolate recipes to make.

15 Delicious Chocolate Bark Recipes For Chocolate Lovers

It’s just a sheet of chocolate that is shaped by melting down chocolate that is then cooled into a thinner layer and broken into small pieces.

What makes chocolate bark so interesting is that it can be covered and mixed with a wide variety of other ingredients to make some fun and delicious combinations.

Fruits, nuts, and even other types of chocolate can be added to chocolate bark making an almost limitless number of combinations and varieties.

In this article, we will look at 15 delicious chocolate bark recipes that are ideal for chocolate lovers.

The recipes are listed in alphabetical order and no matter the occasion, there is bound to be a chocolate bark recipe to suit your needs. 

1. Cashew Tiger Butter Bark

This chocolate bark is made from two layers. The first is white chocolate and cashew butter and the second is dark chocolate.

Once the two are layered together, simply take a wooden stick and swirl the layers together to get the tiger effect.

2. Christmas Chocolate Bark

This chocolate bark is a little more complicated and time-consuming than most of the barks on this list and uses a larger number of ingredients.

However, we think that the finished results are more than worth the extra effort.

There are actually two different bark recipes here that have been combined under the umbrella of Christmas barks.

The first uses dark chocolate, red M&M’s, almonds, and pretzels for a Rudolph-inspired bark.

The other is inspired by snowmen and instead uses white chocolate, peanut butter cups, white chocolate buttons, sprinkles, and pretzel sticks.

The ingredients allow you to decorate your bark to look like Rudolph or a snowman and if you have the time to make and decorate them, these barks will be perfect for a Christmas party.

3. Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee

This chocolate bark has a layer of toffee created underneath it to make a smooth and buttery treat.

Making the toffee requires more work than most of the chocolate barks on this list, but it’s worth the extra steps.

Once the chocolate has been poured and is melted, you can add a sprinkle of pecans for that final touch.

4. Easy Chocolate Bark

Sometimes, you just want a recipe that is quick and easy to make and doesn’t have a million ingredients.

This easy chocolate bark recipe can be made from just one type of chocolate as well as nuts or dried fruit and will take next to no time to prepare.

You can adjust the recipe as you wish with more fillings and toppings but we like this recipe for how simple it is.

5. Easter Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark isn’t just for Christmas as this recipe is designed specifically for the Easter holidays.

The bark is colorful and an explosion of candy, so have fun loading the chocolate base with candy such as M&M’s, sprinkles, Oreos, and pretzels.

You can also use specific Easter candy such as mini chocolate eggs to make the bark look even more like an Easter treat.

The more color and candy the better! The base chocolate is white chocolate to give it that lighter, spring look.

6. French Chocolate Bark

We’re not quite sure what makes this chocolate bark French, but we do know that it tastes delicious and that’s all that matters!

The recipe uses equal amounts of milk chocolate and dark chocolate to form the bark base and the best results come from mixing these chocolates completely so they form a uniform mixture.

When fully mixed, pour the melted chocolate into a pan and sprinkle with apricots, cranberries, and cashews. The mix of fruits, nuts, and chocolate makes for a delicious bark.

7. Kinder Chocolate Bar Bark

When making chocolate treats, a quick way to get that chocolate taste you love is by using the mass-produced chocolate bars that you love.

Thankfully, chocolate bark is no different. This recipe uses Kinder chocolate bars to enhance the taste.

The ingredients are just chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate as all it needs is white chocolate, milk chocolate, and the previously mentioned Kinder chocolate bars.

For the best results, swirl the different types of chocolate with a wooden skewer to get a lovely marbled effect.

8. Matcha And Cranberry Delight Chocolate Bark

Matcha powder has a wide range of health benefits such as preventing heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes as well as encouraging weight loss.

It also tastes delicious, of course, and can be used in a variety of different recipes including this matcha and cranberry chocolate bark.

This is an ideal recipe if you’re looking for a chocolate bark that is suitable for Christmas but is a little unique.

The cranberry will hit those festive notes but the matcha will make it stand out next to all of the other festive treats.

The combination of the green and pink colors also makes this bark stunning to look at.

9. Marbleized Chocolate Bark

The mix of colors will grab the attention of anyone who sees this chocolate bark and you can guarantee that no two batches will ever look the same.

The base of the chocolate bark is white chocolate as this will help your colors standout more than if either dark or milk chocolate was used.

The colors come from candy melts so they’re safe to eat and won’t negatively affect the taste of the chocolate.

You can go crazy with the colors or keep them to a theme, making this bark a versatile party food.

10. Peppermint Bark

This is another bark that is ideal for Christmas. It tastes better when made with high-quality milk and white chocolate and the peppermint taste comes from candy canes that have been crushed into small pieces.

First, layer the milk chocolate and once this has set, layer the white chocolate. The crushed candy canes can then be sprinkled on top.

11. Salted Peanut Butterscotch And Caramel Corn White Chocolate Bark

Just the name of this bark is enough to make our mouths water!

The mix of ingredients and flavors is a winning combination and is unique enough to make this bark stand out from the other bark recipes available.

After all, what other chocolate bark recipes use caramel corn? The salted peanuts mixed with the sweet toffee chips balance each other out perfectly and all of the ingredients are set into delicious white chocolate.

This unique chocolate bark recipe is sure to become a favorite with your friends and family due to its combination of flavors.

12. Superfood Chocolate Bark

When you think of chocolate bark, you probably don’t think of superfoods, but this recipe combines both chocolate and superfoods to make a unique twist on chocolate bark.

It uses desiccated coconut, pistachio nuts, and goji berries to make a bark that looks like nothing else on this list.

Goji berries are especially healthy and good for you as they’re high in vitamins A and C and can help boost your body’s natural immune system.

It also uses dark chocolate, which is high in antioxidants. Try and choose dark chocolate that is as high in cocoa content as you can find.

13. Toasted Hazelnut Bark

Hazelnuts and chocolate are always a winning combination and they come together to make this delicious but simple chocolate bark.

It’s best if you roast the hazelnuts first as this will make them crunchier and full of flavor.

To make this bark, simply melt some white chocolate and then add in your toasted hazelnuts.

14. Triple Chocolate Bark

The only thing better than chocolate bark is a chocolate bark made with three different types of chocolate!

This recipe uses dark, milk, and white chocolate and can be topped with other types of chocolate, such as mini eggs if you wish.

Any chocolate lover is sure to love this bark and its rich taste. The addition of chopped mini eggs on top will make this the perfect Easter treat but it can also be topped with nuts or sprinkles for a year-round delicacy.

15. White Chocolate Bark

White chocolate is often neglected when it comes to making chocolate treats or is only included when used with dark and milk chocolate.

However, this recipe uses only white chocolate and teams it with cranberries, apricots, and pistachios for a delicious bark that is sure to stand out.

It’s best made with high-quality white chocolate so get the best you can find and enjoy some white chocolate bark.

Final Thoughts

The 15 delicious chocolate bark recipes in this article are all ideal for chocolate lovers.

They use a variety of different ingredients and are suited for all occasions.

Whether you want some chocolate bark for a special event or just as a treat, we hope there is a recipe here for you.

Rebecca Holmes