About Us

Hello, my name is Rebecca Holmes and I am a self-proclaimed chocolate lover. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? Dark, milk, white, caramel, mint - any flavor, I’m a fan!

But I like to take it one step further when I’m enjoying my chocolate - I find learning all about it so interesting. Do you know why chocolate goes bad, or why the body craves it? I do! And I’ve created this website to teach anyone who will listen all about the wonder of chocolate. 

Another thing I’m passionate about when it comes to chocolate is cooking with it. Did you know that chocolate can be one of the most versatile ingredients and can go in tons of dishes? If you still have some leftovers by the time you get round to cooking, you can use it in your dish!

Over the years, as a professional chef, I have enjoyed experimenting with adding different chocolates into all sorts of meals. 

Not to mention hot chocolate. Have you ever tried a pumpkin spice hot chocolate? That has to be one of my favorite chocolatey drinks in the world. But there’s so many more to choose from! Please enjoy my website and learn all about chocolate and how amazing it can be.