15 Amazing Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes To Die For

Protein shakes are a convenient and tasty way to get some extra nutrients in your diet. Whether you’re drinking protein shakes before a workout, for breakfast, or throughout the day to increase your protein intake, there are many different recipes you can make.

15 Amazing Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes To Die For

Chocolate protein powder is one of the most popular and versatile flavors available so it’s no surprise that there are so many recipes to choose from.

In this article, we will introduce you to 15 amazing chocolate protein shake recipes to die for. They’re listed in alphabetical order and we hope your tastebuds enjoy them!

Banana Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe

This chocolate and banana protein shake also includes avocado, coconut milk, and maple syrup to make a thick and creamy shake that is still high in vitamins.

Avocados are very healthy and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and beta-carotene, as well as more common vitamins such as vitamins C and B6.

It also calls for the inclusion of collagen peptides, which are used to improve some skin and joint conditions.

The Best Chocolate Protein Shake

This is a very boldly named chocolate protein shake and you will have to decide if you think it is correctly named after you’ve made and tasted it! The base of the shake is frozen fruits.

The recipe recommends blueberries but you can use other fruits. It also contains greek yogurt for extra creaminess and protein and cashew butter.

Cherry Chocolate Chia Smoothie

Chia seeds are a popular addition to many healthy diets because they are rich in quercetin and fiber which can both reduce your risk of developing heart conditions.

You can make sure you get some chia seeds in your diet with this simple shake. It only needs four ingredients but is healthy and delicious and both fresh and frozen cherries can be used in this drink.

Depending on how you like your chia seeds, you may want to prepare them before including them in your smoothie. Without preparation, they are very hard and by soaking them overnight you will unlock more of their benefits.

We would recommend soaking chia seeds before using them.

Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Protein Shake

If you need some peanut butter in your life but don’t want to indulge in peanut butter sandwiches or sweet treats, then this protein shake is a good substitute.

It uses not only peanut butter, but also ripe bananas, almond milk, and a sprinkle of cinnamon to make a delicious and protein-rich drink. You can even add honey for some healthy sweetness if you wish.

Peanut butter is rich in the three macronutrients that are needed in our daily diets. These three are carbs, fat, and protein. If you don’t mind a few fats and carbs in your protein shakes, then this peanut butter shake will be a good choice.

Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake

Even the most health-conscious still need a coffee fix or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and this chocolate coffee protein shake will provide both alongside a healthy dose of protein.

You will need a three-quarter cup of brewed coffee and the recipe recommends using strongly-brewed coffee so that the flavor comes through when mixed with the other ingredients.

It will need to be chilled to make the drink so you will either need to prepare and chill your coffee in advance or buy cold-brewed coffee. As well as the cold coffee, the shake also uses milk, protein powder, ice, and chocolate syrup.

For additional sweetness, you can substitute some ice for a frozen banana. The milk can also be swapped for vegan milk, such as almond or hazelnut.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Protein Shake

If the previous peanut butter shake didn’t appeal to you because it included actual peanut butter but you still have a craving for the taste, then this shake is a good substitute.

Instead of using regular peanut butter it instead uses peanut butter powder, which has all of the flavors and protein of a jar of peanut butter but doesn’t have the same amount of fat and calories.

The combination of the peanut butter powder and apple makes this a delicious shake. You can control the thickness of the shake to your liking by adding more ice or almond milk as required.

Chocolate Spirulina Detox Smoothie

This can be made with or without the chocolate protein powder but we would recommend including it as it adds a little extra to the drink.

This is called a detox drink because it is designed to be drunk after a juice cleanse has been completed. Adding heavy and rich foods back into your diet can make you feel sick, but introducing chocolate in a smoothie is less of a shock.

This shake also tastes delicious, so it’s a winner on several counts.

Creamy Chocolate Breakfast Shake

If you’re looking for a thick and creamy protein shake to get you going and sate your appetite in the morning, this creamy chocolate breakfast shake might be the one.

It uses frozen bananas and strawberries (or blueberries) as well as salted almond butter. The recipe calls for cocoa powder but this can be replaced with chocolate protein powder instead. You can even add spinach and flaxseed meal to make it even healthier.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Protein Shake

Add a bit of festive cheer to your chocolate protein shakes with the addition of some peppermint. The base of the shake is frozen banana, almond milk, and chocolate protein powder, but it is the few drops of peppermint extract that make it stand out.

You don’t need much peppermint as it is a very strong flavor. You can even serve it with a candy cane on the side and some cream on top to really get into that festive spirit.

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Smoothie

One of the most common flavors that get matched with chocolate is mint and this protein shake makes use of that combination. You can use either fresh mint or mint extract for this shake.

As well as the mint, it includes several other green ingredients including spinach and avocado to make it even greener and healthier. It has a rich chocolate flavor that comes from not just the protein powder but also the addition of dark chocolate chips.

Mint Chocolate Green Protein Smoothie

This is another take on a mint chocolate shake. Whereas the previous recipe included avocado, this one uses frozen bananas instead and gets its minty taste from peppermint extract instead of mint.

The coconut nectar (or coconut honey) adds some sweetness and you can also add some fruits, such as raspberries or blueberries.

This smoothie still contains spinach and has extra added chocolate though, so why not try both shakes and see which one you like the best?

Pumped-up Plant Protein Power Smoothie

As the name suggests, this uses a variety of plant-based ingredients to make an ultra-healthy drink. It includes both chia seeds and hemp seeds, and you can add maca powder to it also.

All three of these ingredients are considered to be very nutritious and beneficial to your health. The listed recipe uses frozen raspberries, but this can be changed to other types of fruit if you prefer.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chai Protein Shake

Nothing says fall and Halloween like pumpkin and you can celebrate the season with this take on a pumpkin chai drink. It takes pumpkin puree, chai tea, almond milk, and cocoa powder to make an indulgent chocolate protein shake.

By adding a sprinkle of cacao nibs to the top once it’s severed, you also get something that looks as good as it tastes.

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Smoothie

What is the secret ingredient of this chocolate shake? It’s cooked sweet potato! This might not be the most obvious ingredient for a chocolate protein shake, but it works surprisingly well.

The recipe also calls for a banana, Medjool dates, and almond butter. When mixed together, this shake is smooth, thick, and delicious.

White Chocolate Protein Shake

Our last pick for this article is a little different as it is a white chocolate protein shake. It uses vanilla whey protein powder for the protein infusion and white chocolate pudding mix for the chocolate.

The only other ingredients are almond milk and ice, making this a straightforward and simple protein shake to make. If you prefer white chocolate to dark chocolate and still want a protein shake, this is a good option.

Final Thoughts

The 15 chocolate protein shake recipes in this article give you a wide range of options when it comes to making your protein shakes.

They use a wide variety of ingredients including bananas, avocado, and peppermint so whatever your tastes, there is bound to be a protein shake that your taste buds are ready to die for.

We hope you enjoy checking out these recipes and find something that you love.

Rebecca Holmes