How To Make Chocolate Hearts For Mother’s Day & Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day coming up, or you want to treat someone special to you with a unique gift, adorable chocolate hearts are a wonderful, and popular choice. They truly are the perfect treat to share with someone close to you.

Chocolate desserts can be so much more than cakes or puddings. You can get creative and have fun with different shapes to mark a special occasion.

How To Make Chocolate Hearts For Mother's Day & Valentine's Day

And, what ingredients you use and what you decorate these mini hearts with is up to you! The truth is, you can never go wrong with these sweet homemade treats. And, they are just as easy to make as they are to eat! 

We love making chocolate hearts because they are a great way to get your kids involved in baking and getting creative. They are also amazing gift ideas, whether they are for your partner, teacher, neighbor, or parents.

And, if you have a microwave, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an easier way of making a delicious chocolate treat. 

Today, we are going to guide you through the process of making chocolate hearts.

All you need are a few large bars of chocolate (just make sure they are the favorite flavor of whoever you are giving them to), and some edible sprinkles and decorations to make them look even more inviting.

Let’s start by taking a look at the ingredients you’ll need.

How To Make Chocolate Hearts – Ingredients

You’ll only need a few ingredients to make the most delectable chocolate hearts.

Here’s what you’ll require:

  • Chocolate – You can use whatever type of chocolate you prefer, such as milk, dark, white, or semi-sweet chocolate.
  • Candy melts – Ideally, you’ll need to have pink, white, and red candy melts. But, if you don’t have any, you can melt white chocolate and use food coloring to change its color.
  • Sprinkles – Valentine’s theme sprinkles are best for your partner, but you can use whatever sprinkles you desire. These will be the finishing touch to your world-class chocolate hearts.
  • Baking cups – You will need heart-shaped baking cups, but for mini-hearts, a heart shaped candy mold will suffice. 

Step-By-Step Guide 

Making chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day is pretty straightforward. And, best of all, there’s no limit to how many you can make or how to decorate them. There are some steps to follow, however.

How To Make Chocolate Hearts For Mother's Day & Valentine's Day

For this guide, we will be using dark chocolate chips, but you can use whatever type of chocolate you prefer.

Step One

Take your dark chocolate chips and place them in a microwave safe bowl. Place the bowl into your microwave and heat for 30 seconds. Then, stir the chocolate chips and continue melting for 15 second intervals, whilst stirring between these times.

Do this until the chocolate has entirely melted and is completely smooth. 

Step Two

Take your silicone baking cups and place them onto a cutting board. You can also place them on a baking sheet, too. Then, take the melted chocolate out of the bowl with a spoon and transfer it into the baking cups. 

Step Three

Tap the cutting board, or cookie sheet, very gently on a flat surface. Continue to do so until the chocolate is uniformly distributed in the baking cups. You could alternatively tap every cup individually instead, but this will take up more time.

Step Four 

It’s time to decorate. Place some red candy melts (or white chocolate) in a bowl and microwave for 15 second intervals. Again, stir between each increment until the candy melted or white chocolate has completely melted.

Pour this into a plastic sandwich bag, or a piping bag, and then cut a small corner off the bag. If you have other colors, you can repeat these steps. Just make sure the hole is not too big in the bag, to not allow too much chocolate out. 

If you’re using white chocolate, you can color it with food coloring. Nevertheless, candy melts are the easiest option. 

Step Five

Drizzle your candy melts over the surface of the chocolate, one by one. 

Step Six

Add some sprinkles on top of the chocolate and candy melts. You can choose what sprinkles to add here, depending on the occasion. For Valentine’s Day, you can use Valentine themed sprinkles, such as small hearts. 

Step Seven

Once you have added the sprinkles, leave the chocolate hearts to cool for one hour. This will give the chocolate enough time to set. After an hour, remove the chocolates from the baking cups and store in a sealed, airtight container. 

And, that’s it! Told you it was easy! You now have homemade chocolate hearts to give to someone special, or enjoy yourself. If you have kids, you can make the hearts and allow them to decorate with sprinkles.

They’ll surely love being creative and learning!

Variations To Try

You don’t have to stick to plain old chocolate hearts. If you have the molds ready, you can try tasty variations. Here are some ideas.

Peanut Butter

Does your loved one love peanut butter? If so, you should treat them to some chocolate and peanut butter hearts! Simply spoon half of the melted chocolate you have into the molds and spread it out to cover the bases.

Place in the refrigerator for half an hour, and then add a small layer of peanut butter on top. Then, spread another thin layer of chocolate on top and decorate as you please.


Instead of just using standard chocolate, mix it with some swirl caramel, but do so before adding any toppings. This will create a taste sensation! 


You can add a few pieces of almonds, peanuts, or other kinds of nuts into your melted chocolate. Alternatively, you can also add it over the top of the chocolate afterward. 

Different Colors

Using candy melts, or food coloring, change up the heart’s colors. We think pink looks amazing but, why not be bold? Go for the whole color spectrum of the rainbow! 

In Conclusion 

Making chocolate hearts is so easy to do. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and enjoy making chocolate hearts even more!

Rebecca Holmes